This third and final deliverable of ENVRIplus Work Package 6, “Inter RI data identification and citation services”, provides a summary of three use cases related to data citation:

1) the publication of marine biodiversity data from peer-reviewed journal to EU data infrastructure;

2) the development of a citation and usage tracking system for greenhouse gas monitoring data; and

3) facilitating quantitatively correct data usage accounting.

All of these have a strong bearing on the need to correctly acknowledge the efforts of data producers at multiple levels (research infrastructures, institutes and individuals), as well as support the aggregation of statistics mapping out downstream usage of data products. In addition, the report summarises how identification and citation practices fit into the context of current trends in data management, discuss how data usage statistics can be used to estimate the impact of research infrastructures, and provide an update to the citation services landscape inventory first performed in deliverables D6.1 and D6.2.

The report can be downloaded here