Criteria and process for Associated Partnership to ENVRIplus project and BEERi membership


ENVRI cluster is a well-recognized player in the European and international Research Infrastructure landscape as it represents a vast number of Environmental Research Infrastructures. The activities of ENVRI cluster are currently supported by the EC funded project for cluster cooperation – ENVRIplus.

ENVRI cluster encourages all Environmental Research Infrastructure communities, which are not involved in our ongoing ENVRIplus project, but are interested in participating in ENVRIplus project activities, to apply for:

  • the Associated Partnership to ENVRIplus project to create a clear and unambiguous relationship between organization(s) representing the Research Infrastructure in question and ENVRIplus project and its Beneficiaries
  • the BEERi (Board of European Environmental Research Infrastructures) membership, allowing the Research Infrastructure in question to nominate two representatives for the BEERi, participating in the strategic discussion concerning the ENVRI community.

Associated Partnership to ENVRIplus project

ENVRIplus encourages research institutions that have a clear and established relationship with the Environmental and Earth system Research Infrastructures to become Associated Partner in the project. This relationship is usually demonstrated by a significant contribution to the RI development (e.g. coordination or participation in ESFRI RI or IA project).

Associated Partners are expected to participate actively in ENVRIplus project, contributing their expertise to the project’s objectives and benefit from the activities undertaken within the project, e.g.:

Note: Associated partnership to ENVRIplus does not guarantee a membership in BEERi (Board of European Environmental Research Infrastructures). The application for BEERi membership needs to be approved separately by the Board itself.

Associated Partners are not charged for participating in the project, and they are expected to cover possible costs related to their activities within ENVRIplus. Some limited travel costs may be covered by the project on request, decided on a case-by-case basis, and in agreement with the ENVRIplus grant agreement and consortium agreement contracts.

How to Apply for the Associated Partnership

  • Any legal entity clearly linked to Environmental & Earth system Research Infrastructures and interested in associating with ENVRIplus is invited to contact Coordination office,
  • Associated Partners applications are received, examined and discussed by the ENVRIplus Executive Board, and proposed and validated by the General Assembly,
  • The admittance of an Associated Partner is based on the coherence of the proposed activities with the project’s objectives and the maturity/relevance of the Research Infrastructure the entity is representing,
  • Associated Partners are asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect any confidential, proprietary information available under the project.

If your institution is interested in becoming an associated partner of ENVRIplus, contact ENVRIplus Coordination Office. We would like to know following details:

  • Name of the applying legal entity
  • Name of the main contact & the contact information
  • Research Infrastructure that is being represented by the legal entity
  • Briefly describe the proposed activity in/contribution to ENVRIplus project (e.g., description of planned activities and objectives, to which WPs specifically do you wish to contribute, possible integration in ENVRIplus, mutual benefits, deliverables to the project, technological development, innovation potential and knowledge transfer, etc.)
Contact ENVRIplus Coordination Office

Board of European Environmental Research Infrastructures (BEERi) membership

BEERi encourages all the research communities that have already demonstrated readiness to plan, construct, implement and/or run pan-European RI operations for serving user communities in the field of environmental research or in Earth system science, to apply for the membership to BEERi.


Readiness for BEERi membership could be demonstrated by being one of the following:

  • Legal entity for research infrastructure (e.g. ERIC, AISBL, or other international organization form),
  • ESFRI Landmark,
  • ESFRI Roadmap project,
  • ESFRI Emerging project,
  • RI networks funded by EC RI and e-RI Work Programme (e.g. IA project, design study),
  • Another type of network applications can be discussed case by case in the BEERi meeting.

How to apply for the BEERi membership

Interested party should send a written indication of the interest to be a member of the BEERi :

  • Written indication should be sent to chair of the BEERi (contact below) ,
  • Chair of BEERi will inform the BEERi members about the written indication and asks BEERi an approval for the membership;
  • When the request is accepted, new BEERi member needs to nominate two representatives for the BEERi (RI Director / Coordinator);
  • A new BEERi member needs to sign the non-disclosure agreement.
Contact Sanna Sorvari (Chair of BEERi)