Executive Board

ENVRIplus Executive Board is the supervisory body for the execution of the Project, monitoring its effective and efficient implementation. The Board consists of Theme leaders, Domain leaders, Project Coordinator and Co-coordinator, and representative of E-infrastructures.

Chair of the Executive Board and Marine Domain leader

Jean Francois Rolin (IFREMER) envelope-o_bababa_13

Atmospheric Domain leader

Andreas Petzold (FZJ) envelope-o_bababa_13

Biodiversity/Ecosystem Domain leader

Peter van Tienderen (UvA) envelope-o_bababa_13

Solid Earth Domain

Helen Glaves (NERC) envelope-o_bababa_13



Antti Pursula (CSC) envelope-o_bababa_13


Project Coordinator

Werner Kutsch (UHEL) envelope-o_bababa_13

Project Co-coordinator

Paolo Laj (UHEL, CNRS) envelope-o_bababa_13

Theme 1 leader

Jean Daniel Paris (CEA) envelope-o_bababa_13

Theme 2 leader

Zhiming Zhao (UvA) envelope-o_bababa_13

Theme 3 leader

Ingrid Mann (EISCAT) envelope-o_bababa_13

Theme 4 leader

Mairi Best (INGV) envelope-o_bababa_13

Theme 5 leader

Jacco Konijn (UvA) envelope-o_bababa_13

Theme 6 leader

Sanna  Sorvari (FMI) envelope-o_bababa_13