INRA is hiring a Computer Science Engineer for the development of APIs devoted to the identification/citation of scientific data on ecosystems

• Employer: INRA
• Title: Software Engineer
• Topics: API development, metadata standards, data sharing, DOI, semantics, ecosystems
• Submission deadline: Open until filled
• Location: Avignon, France
• Duration: 14 months
• Date Posted: April 15, 2017
• Contact:, subject: “API developer”

The engineer will be responsible of the development of the APIs for 1) the production of (ISO 19115/19139) metadata, 2) the generation of datasets (e.g. netCDF format) and 3) their identification/publication through Digital Object Identifier (DOI). The information to be published either as metadata records or as datasets will be provided by SPARQL querying of triple stores feeded by the annotation of the AnaEE infrastructure resources. The new developments will take benefit from already developed APIs in this field of activity. The engineer will be based at INRAPACA, Avignon. He or she will interact with engineers responsible for data management Information System and semantic annotations, mostly in France (Orléans) but also in other European countries participating to the AnaEE and ENVRIplus projects.

Key qualifications
• Knowledge of software/API development
• Good knowledge and experience in JAVA
• Knowledge of (some) data/metadata formats and standards
• Knowledge or experience in web semantics is a plus
• Good communications skills
• Ability to work well as part of a team
• Fluent in French and English

Education and Experience
• MS or PhD in Computer Science or relevant field
• 2+ years work experience preferred


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