3rd Call for Multi-domain Access to Environmental Research Infrastructures is closed!

ENVRIplus launches the third and final call for proposals to access European multi-disciplinary environmental research platforms.  ENVRIplus offers opportunities for free-of-charge transnational access to selected user groups to six research facilities in cross-cutting areas in Europe: ATMOSPHERE, BIO-ECOSPHERE, HYDRO-MARINE, AND SOLID EARTH domain.

Publication date:  15 January 2018

Proposal deadline:  4 March 2018

Proposal deadline: 9 March 2018


 Access period: 1 May – 31 December 2018


ENVRIplus Transnational Access (TNA)

ENVRIplus offers opportunities for free-of-charge, transnational access (TNA) to selected multi-disciplinary test platforms for selected research groups and companies wishing to conduct research or test instruments for cross-disciplinary topics within the environmental domains: atmosphere, bio-ecosphere, hydro-marine, and solid earth.

The access procedure, list of available facilities, eligibility, information on funding and application procedure can be found on ENVRI Community Platform