Within the CEA / DRF, the CEA / CNRS / Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin (LSCE) Laboratory for Climate and Environmental Sciences (UVSQ) is the European leader in atmospheric measurements of greenhouse gases and modeling of biogeochemical cycles and climate. It is made up of nearly 250 scientists and associated staff, and is part of the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL).





ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) is a European research infrastructure for measuring atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases and fluxes on ecosystems and the ocean. The objective of this infrastructure is to better understand and quantify the greenhouse gas balance in Europe and adjacent regions. It will provide the long-term observations that are essential to assess greenhouse gas emissions and predict the future behavior of the carbon cycle.

ICOS relies on the coordination and operational functioning of three complementary measurement networks. Each of these three networks is coordinated by a thematic center.

One of whose activities is the automatic processing of measured data through the network and the diffusion of atmospheric measurement products. One of these thematic centers, the Atmosphere Thematic Center (ATC), deals with atmospheric measurements and is managed by the LSCE.

Copernicus is the European Earth monitoring program. In order to provide Europe with an operational and autonomous capability for Earth observation, it is planned to secure the supply of atmospheric greenhouse gas measurements from ATC ICOS, in near real time, to Copernicus. https://www.icos-ri.eu/ https://icos-atc.lsce.ipsl.fr/ http://www.copernicus.eu/

Mission Description

The candidate will work with ATC’s IT team on the implementation of this near real-time data delivery service. In order to better control and optimize the atmospheric data production chain, it is proposed to implement a workflow engine. The first step of the mission will be a review of the state of the art in terms of workflow, in order to select the system to be deployed at ATC, in line with the solutions already in place for processing and manage GHG measurements. The second part of the work will consist in modeling the processing chain in the selected workflow, in order to store their state in a relational database. By analyzing synthetic dashboards dedicated to gather relevant performance indicators on the processing chain, it will then be possible to make more reliable and to improve the data delivery service to Copernicus.

The candidate will be involved in writing reports and deliverables for Copernicus, so knowledge of English is essential.


  • Writing of technical and functional specifications of the project
  • Implementation of a workflow engine in the near-real-time measurement processing chain
  • Documentation
  • Monitoring of the processing chain and management of alerts
  • Reporting activities for Copernicus.
  • Application optimization


KPI, BPM, workflow engine, procedural workflow, business process

Required Skills

  • Knowledge of the state of the art of development on: workflow, unit tests, code reviews, continuous integration, and documentation
  • Java language (1.6), SQL, shell script
  • Database: MySQL, LINUX environment.
  • Good editorial skills, good level of English (written and oral)
  • Great autonomy and good relationship
  • Innovative and pragmatic, with real skills to solve problems and find solutions

A knowledge of the following languages, frameworks or tools is a plus

  • Maven and Spring framework
  • An ORM, notably Ibatis
  • Software: Eclipse, database access software (i.e. Tora or Toad)
  • Source management tool (Subversion)

BAC + 5 computer science, professional experience of one or two years. A first java experience is required (internship or first job).

Location: LSCE, CEA – Orme des Merisiers, 91191 Gif sur Yvette.

Starting date: The position is available now

Salary: Salary follows national directives including full social and health benefits, and is adjusted for work experience.


To apply: send cover letter and CV to Dr. J. Tarniewicz jerome.tarniewicz@lsce.ipsl.fr