The TERENO-NEON Carbon Workshop will take place in Düren, Germany, July 2019.

We support students to attend!

This 2019 Carbon summer workshop will provide an opportunity to learn how to use ‘big data’ from the Terrestrial Environmental Observatories (TERENO), National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) and Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS) large networks of observatories while discussing an understanding of atmospheric, ecosystem, and below ground carbon processes, and the associated means to estimate CO2 and its role in the climate system. This Carbon summer workshop will also help develop the skills to access and use data in practice from a diversity of sources, including different networks. We will have a strong practical component that focuses on the data use.  Both the scientific understanding and the data use will be brought together in group exercises.

We are accepting applications! 

Visit our website TERENO NEON Carbon Workshop 2019

The application deadline is June 10, 2019