The ENVRIplus coordinator Werner Kutsch opened the final ENVRI week with a poem. It summarizes the work in different Themes of the project. Enjoy your reading.

Good morning my friends, how are you today,

I welcome you cordially and I hope you will stay.

We are going to summarise our precious action

In ENVRIplus to your full satisfaction.

We have worked hard through the past four years,

and reached some goals as it appears.

This is a day of celebration,

Thus, first, let’s look at innovation.

The gliders dive deep, high fly the drones,

We can run stations where it’s freezing our bones.

We are going to know something about methane,

Yes, we can measure it across a domain,

Remarkable! To measure across domain

Without even knowing what’s the name of the game:

Hydrosphere, Ocean, marine or aquatic,

Terrestrial ecosystem or is biosphere more sympatric?

Jean-Daniel for sure doesn’t care so much,

It’s important to have technology as such.  

Data are an important yet difficult thing,

But there is a wizard his name is Zhiming.

We learned about provenance meta citation,

Ontologies, DOIs, and PIDs for curation

He may sound sometimes strange even like a yodel,

But it’s all for the sake of the reference model.

You may laugh now perhaps that’s not fair

On the other hand, don’t worry he will bring us there.

FAIRness for sure is the term of the season,

and for sure this is for a very good reason.

There is this planet our cozy homeplace,

and the way we treat it is a huge disgrace.

We all need to well understand:

There is a challenge and this challenge is grand.

We have to make a societal impact,

to help to keep the environment intact.

For every challenge, each RI will care,

Is there a problem? Don’t worry: we’re there (and FAIR),

It’s Mairi’s job to keep this running

the way she’s doing it is stunning.

She’s friendly, she’s patient when deliverables are rare,

but she’s got a whip now – so Michael takes care.

Oh! I forgot to mention access,

an important topic, was it stress or success?

Sabine will show us: it was the latter,

we developed some concepts that are for the better.

Transferring our knowledge was Jacco’s task,

Wanna know something from another RI? Just come over and ask!

We also approached and trained our youth,

and showed them some ways to find the truth.

Since truth makes resilient and strengthens the brain.

And intelligent people they want to remain.

Yes, Helen, we don’t want you to leave without a destination,

because you are our Queen of Dissemination.

With Sanna you brought ENVRI around the globe,

didn’t you even meet the pope?

If not, don’t worry he’s reading your tweets

and tells about ENVRI everybody he meets.

Well, folks, this was my short introduction,

listen now to one or the other attraction.

From ENVRIplus that everybody adores.

Theme 1! The floor is yours.