ENVRIplus provides funding for the exchange of the Research Infrastructure personnel

See what proposals have been funded by the first Call for staff exchange.

Would you like to apply as well? The call is opened until the end of this year.

Newly, also employees of the organizations outside the ENVRIplus partnership that have a clear and established relationship with the participating RI’s can apply.

More information about the call and the application criteria can be found here.


Drone Workshop


Contributing RIs: JERICO, GROOM

Duration: two weeks each

Total projected cost: 11.000 €

This Exchange of Personnel is addressing the employment of unmanned vehicles (UVs) in the context of the RIs activity. The main focus will be to organize a workshop where the various RIs will be able to exchange and share technical and theoretical experience in the UV field. This workshop should bring together the whole community of UVs that employ this kind of tools for both atmospheric, earth, and oceanic investigations.

The EoP will enable travel of technical staff as well as the transport of unmanned vehicles which will be during the workshop which will allow most valuable insights into the various technologies used by contributing RIs.

EuroGOOS ICOS policy

Host RI: ICOS & EuroGOOS

Duration: 5 days each

Total projected costs: 3.100 €

This bilateral exchange of personnel will take place at the ICOS Headquarters visited by EuroGOOS staff as well as at the EuroGOOS headquarter, visited by ICOS staff. The overall objective of the EoP is to share views on RI policies and strategies. The first visit at EuroGOOS is to inform ICOS scientific and communications staff on the EuroGOOS operational and science-policy activities and communications strategy , to exchange experiences and best practices with the ICOS communications unit as well as to attend the 2nd ICOS International Science Conference. The second visit at EuroGOOS aims to exchange best practices and experiences with the EuroGOOS communications unit and attend and support EuroGOOS event at the European Parliament on the ocean observing integration in Europe and/or science-policy event taking place in Brussels.

Coastal stations and their representativeness


Contributing RIs: JERICO

Duration: 26 days

Total projected costs: 3.840 €

Coastal measuring stations are used for long-term monitoring of the gas concentrations and fluxes together with measurements of related parameters over the sea. The critical question is how well these stations represent the open ocean?

The aim of the visit is to study and define what are the conditions under which the measurements at a coastal station represent open ocean or coastal processes. By combining the expertise of physical oceanography of JERICO to the meteorological expertise of ICOS the atmospheric and oceanographic features in open sea and coastal regions will be addressed in a comprehensive manner. The planned vitit at JERICO station at Östergarnsholm and its measurements will help to define the characteristic properties of a coastal station.

Seismic data integration


Contributing RIs: FixO3

Duration: two days and one week

Total projected costs: 2.970 €

This bilateral exchange of personnel between EPOS and EMSO aims to promote the Integration of seismological data from EPOS into the EMSO France Node’s website/database. Projected activities are the definition of common metadata format and data flow. Discussion of formats/integration for pressure and temperature data.

This exchange will contribute through a better understanding of existing dataflows inside EPOS, FixO3 and EMSO to the state of the art of European benthic stations to promote a “new generation of benthic station for seismic measurement”.