Open position in International Environmental Research Infrastructures

COOP+ (Cooperation of Research Infrastructures to address global challenges in the environmental field) is an Horizon 2020 project (CSA, Project Number 654131) whose general goal is to strengthen the links and coordination of the European RIs related to Marine Science (EMSO), Arctic and Atmospheric Research (EISCAT), Carbon Observation (ICOS) and Biodiversity (LifeWatch) with international counterparts (NEON, TERN, AMISR/SRI, CGSM, OOI, INPA/LBA, IMOS, OCN, AMERIFLUX, etc.) and to leverage international scientific cooperation and data exchange with non-EU countries. During the time span of COOP+ (March 2016 to July 2018), the project will address several important questions regarding RIs:

What could be the contribution of international RIs to address cross-disciplinary global challenges like modelling the global carbon cycle? Is it feasible to integrate the knowledge gathered in Arctic research with marine science outputs into comprehensive global models? What collaboration approaches could be implemented to foster the cooperation among RIs? What is the role of local observatories (bottom-up) in this cooperation framework?


COOP+ is seeking 1 motivated researcher to work as Project Manager. The selected candidate will work within the interdisciplinary team starting 15th May 2016. The contract will last 26 months (until 30 June 2018). This contract includes an initial six-month probationary period….Read more here