ENVRIplus at European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2016

EGU 2016 will be held in Vienna | Austria | 17–22 April 2016. ENVRIplus will have its own exhibition booth G#08. You can find the booth in Exhibition Gallery, Green Level 1 (first floor). ENVRIplus booth will serve as a meeting place for the ENVRI community to discuss the project, collaborating Research Infrastructures as well as other specific topics – see the detailed programme of the booth and plan your visit. You will meet and talk to people about the topic that interests you (whether it’s a specific Research Infrastructure, Domain or Theme). ENVRIplus partners on the other hand can utilize the booth to present their Research Infrastructure or any other specific topic. Moreover you can pick up there your own ENVRIplus coloring book together with a set of pencils and learn more about the ENVRIplus and collaborating environmental research infrastructures.

ENVRIplus will also organize a Townhall meeting meeting for research infrastructure users on Thursday, 21 April, 19:00-20:00 (room – 2.85). Last but not least, there will be a Splinter meeting (by invitation only) dedicated to ENVRIplus on Thursday, 21 April at 13:30 – 15:00 (room 2.96).

ENVRIplus will be presented at:

SM7.1 Integrated Research Infrastructures and Services in Geosciences – 13:30-13:45 – Environmental Research Infrastructures providing shared solutions for science and society (ENVRIplus) by
Werner Leo Kutsch

ESSI2.7 The Networks of Earth Observation, its coordination and their infrastructures to enhance international geoscience information access, provision and use 10:45-11:00 – ENVRI Cluster – a community-driven platform of European environmental research infrastructures for providing common solution for science and society by Sanna Sorvari


Below you can find the list of other sessions of possible interest for ENVRI community. More sessions can be found on EGU 2016 website.

RI collaboration

SM7.1 Integrated Research Infrastructures and Services in Geosciencesssl

IE4.4/AS4.2 Regionally integrated perspectives on Arctic processes from the International Arctic Systems for Observing the Atmosphere (IASOA) (co-organized)ssl


Earth System data related

ESSI2.1 Digital infrastructures to enhance international geoscience information access, provision and usessl

ESSI2.2 Service and Brokering Architecture challenges for multi-disciplinary interoperability and Future Internetssl

ESSI2.4 International cross-project collaboration and interoperability of data management systemsssl

ESSI2.5 Metadata, Data Models, and Semanticsssl

ESSI2.6/GI1.6 20 years of persistent identifiers – where do we go next? (co-organized)ssl

ESSI3.2/GI0.4 Big Data for Earth Science – Challenges, Practices, and Opportunities (co-organized)ssl

ESSI2.7 The Networks of Earth Observation, its coordination at european level and its gaps.ssl


Citizen Science

ESSI3.8 Citizen-empowered science and crowdsourcing in the geosciences. ssl

EOS5 Geoethics: theoretical and practical aspects from research integrity to relationships between geosciences and societyssl


Societal impact and knowledge transfer

EOS21 Geoscience for Society: Knowledge transfer and collaborative research managementssl


Biogeochemistry (Domain specific)

BG1.3 Long-term research infrastructures in biogeochemistryssl

BG2.5 Greenhouse gas measurements in Africa – developing a continental-scale measurement network.ssl

BG4.8 Ecological Theory and Concepts in the dawn of Big Datassl

BG4.7 Balancing climate change mitigation, ecosystem services and sustainability: how observation and experimentation can help better understand and respond to a complex futuressl


Ocean (domain specific)

OS4.3 Advances in water column and seafloor fixed point observatories


Satellite observations

GI2.4 Scientific Exploitation of Copernicus Sentinels.

ESSI3.10 Tools and platforms for making remotely sense data easy to use to geoscientists.



SSS12.18/ESSI2.9/GM2.6/HS11.41/NH6.5 Unmanned Aerial Systems: Platforms, Sensors and Applications in the Geosciences (co-organized)