AnaEE International conference: From experimentation to global prediction, will be held in Paris, 2-3 MARCH 2016

This international conference will aim to address, based on large scale experimental RI in ecosystem science, the following emerging topics:

  • Current and future global change experiments, challenges and opportunities
  • Understanding of risk, risk mitigation and management of global ecosystem changes
  • Ecological forecasting and research needs for food security and climate change: uncertainties in models and coupled approaches
  • Data challenge in ecosystem science – moving forward
  • Science-economy interface

The conference will bring together speakers from some of the most important players in the world of research and policy, as well as key AnaEE consortium members, to further deepen understanding among key stakeholders of how to build and grow research infrastructures with a focus on AnaEE, while also allowing ample time for long and deep discourse on key issues.

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