ENVRIplus Post Access Questionnaire


    1. Name and last Name

    2. Title and acronym of the project

    3. Name of the chosen platform

    4. How did you come to know about the ENVRIplus Transnational Access funding?
    ENVRIplus official websiteInformation received by colleaguesThrough a mailing list I am subscribed toOther

    5. Without the support of the ENVRIplus funding, would you still have been able to access the research platform?

    If your answer was no, briefly specify why (financial and/or interdisciplinary opportunity, knowledge about the platforms, etc.)

    6. Please assess the service provided by the ENVRIplus access team (0= not evaluable, 1= very poor, 2=sufficient, 3=good, 4=excellent):

    Publicity and practical information on how to apply

    Easiness of the procedure to apply

    Quantity of documentation required

    Scientific and technical support at the facility


    7. The focus of the ENVRIplus Transnational Access is that of promoting inter-disciplinary research activities and it is also a fundamental criteria on which applications are evaluated. Do you believe that this point was sufficiently underlined in the information about the call for proposal and in the application procedure?

    8.Has the TNA project triggered/pushed the interdisciplinary nature of the research activity you are focusing on? If so, please briefly describe how:

    9. Please evaluate the overall service provided by the ENVRIplus Transnational Access (0= not evaluable, 1= very poor, 2=sufficient, 3=good, 4=excellent):

    10. If your evaluation is below the score of 3, please briefly explain why:

    11. Shortly comment the benefits of the TNA and/or lessons learnt:

    12. Do you have any suggestion for improvement?